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Above the Clouds

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This Society was registered in 1989 with The Kennel Club and exists to promote and further this breed everywhere,

Advice and Assistance freely given where possible, 07825805333

But especially in the South East and East Anglia.

Membership is £5 single or £7 Joint per year.

OUR CH AND OPEN SHOW SCHEDULES are now available for entry with 
printed schedules on request to


THROUGH NO FAULT OF THIER OWN, THERE ARE SOME ELDERLY TIBETAN SPANIELS NEEDING A SUITABLE HOME .THESE ARE 11YEARS OLD AND ONE IS 12, THIS BREED CAN EASILY LIVE TO 14.15.AND SOME TO 18/19. If you know of someone who might offer a good loving home, to one of of these Tibbies, please phone Bridget Croucher on 01792 470417.

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