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THERE ARE NOT MANY TIBETAN SPANIEL PUPPIES BRED IN THE U.K.You should be prepared to wait some time for a carefully bred, healthy puppy.

You should see the puppy with its mother. A responsible breeder may ask you to see the puppies twice, Once when their eyes are open and are active, but still need their mother, and again before a definite decision is made. The Breeder may want to make sure you and your home  are suitable for a Tibetan Spaniel.

Make sure the parents of your puppy have had their eyes clinically examined under the Kennel Club/British Veterinary Association Scheme.Certifaces are good for approximately 12-18 months from the date of examination If so,their names can be checked on the Kennel Club web site.


Also that they are clear of G.P.R.A.3. (see below)

A healthy puppy will have clear eyes with no sign of discharge from anywhere.It should feel plump and have  a thick coat at 8 to 10 weeks and be full of tail wags and very inquisitive.Colour can change dramatically but generally their adult colour will be lighter than it is  at 8 weeks.



The only accepted Tibetan Spaniel

health problem is that of a hereditary blindness which is

is called  Generalised Progressive Retinal

Atrophy (or GPRA for short)

Tibbies are usually a very healthy breed.Many live to 14 years and a few to 16 or 17.

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Generalised Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Or it is commonly called.

This disease of the Retina which is at the back of the eye, is inherited and both parents have to carry one affected gene to produce a case of this disease. If only one parent has an affected gene, the offspring  may also be carriers or clear of the disease, but they can not produce offspring who will suffer from PRA3.

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This disease causes the Retina to Atrophy, so it no longer reflects light from the back of the eye. Once the retina ceases to work, the dog

 is blind.

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