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Join date: Nov 5, 2022


Tibetan Spaniel lover in specific but dog lover in genera, looking for that special tibbie to be with me all the time as an emotional support dog.

looking forward to spoil rotten a puppy and its puppy breath but not looking forward spending all the extra money going to Paris by car every time I want to travel, as there’s no way I’d put my baby in the cargo area.

don’t really care about gender or colour but a boy feels like its mane is like a lion’s

exuberant colours would be a bonus, as they can have any colour but our country tends to be more golden tibbies, perhaps due to the very restrictive policies for dog imports. (I recentley was going to buy a gorgeous boy but couldn’t do it without seeing it, besides the outrageous amounts of money I was quoted to transport the boy, on top of the dog’s price well above the average UK price for a puppy that could only be a pet, as he had a testicular problem. Not an issue for me but I’d have to spend several thousands of pounds and would miss at leat 4 weeks of puppy love, as they need to be at least 16 weeks old to legally import them)

please contact me if you have my future furry bundle of joy ❤️



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